"We all have the ability to suceed – and live the life we dream about.”

“Each newborn is unique and so precious. Lets give them the tools to awaken their unique essence of life right from the beginning."

Hi, my name is Sylvie Drapeau. Welcome to my site!

As a professional teacher and personal development educator, my passion is teaching adults and children how to tap into their true selves to awaken their unique essence of life, so they can spread the message to other children in their lives.

I am especially focused on helping you and your kids become all you were born and meant to be.

Since I was 11 years old, I have been fascinated by personal development and the human mind. I continue to dedicate my life to learning
how the brain works, how the learning process works, and how you can enhance your life.

I successfully changed my mindset, found my true essence of life, and have a very blessed life, because of my knowledge and the practice of specific methods to change my mindset and enhance my life. These powerful techniques have saved my life many times over.

I have created this blog to teach YOU and your CHILDREN how to use powerful and magnificent techniques and tools to achieve the change you want in your life and in your children’s lives.

I dedicate this blog to helping you and your children achieve your dream life.

Here is a little about me personally.

For 20 years, I walked around the world – hitchhiking and backpacking – while homeschooling my son.
I overcame dyslexia and illiteracy at the age of 29.
I have taught in Guatemala, Israel, Egypt, the USA, and Canada.
I taught self-growth techniques to parents and kids in Guatemala and Israel to enhance family life, improve learning abilities, change their mindset, discover their passion, and boost self-esteem.
I co-authored the best-selling book The Prosperity Factor with Joe Vitale, Law of Attraction expert and star of The Secret
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in French Literature, a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.
I am currently working on Neuro-Linguistic and Hypnosis certifications.
I created offline and online courses for kids of different ethnic backgrounds and age groups.
I worked in a team to make the high school exams for the Minister of Education in Quebec, Canada.
I coached students to increase their learning abilities and overall grade point average from 60% to 85-90%.
I guide kids in class and private settings to discover their learning process to facilitate learning and enhance their self-esteem.
I teach kids and teenagers personal development techniques they can use daily, empowering them discover their true valor, their Essence of Life.

As an avant-gardist and dynamic entrepreneur and teacher, I have the knowledge, passion, and expertise to guide and help both adults and kids to develop their unique essence of life and Be a Mindset Creator.

Achieve who you are and bring it to the world.

The world needs You!



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